As a small community-based re-entry community and 501(c)3, we rely heavily on volunteers, grant funding and individual donations.  Your contribution enables us to continue our work, assisting and supporting returning citizens.

Inside Out has helped me to not feel ostracized and have a sense of belonging to the community…like I mattered to life itself.” – Returning Citizen, age 41

Inside Out helped me get a job, and I had support with a mentor, a tutor, and good peer support.” – Returning Citizen, age 37

You are not an ex-con here.  You are returning to the community.” – Returning Citizen, age 28

Inside Out gave me a place to be myself when I came out.  It helped me build up my confidence in myself.” – Returning Citizen, age 53

“Inside Out has helped me get my life together, helped me get a job, they’re helping me get my GED.  They made me feel like a human being again.” – Returning Citizen, age 37